BIG Reportedly to Replace Gob B and Denis

July 28,2019-CS:GO TEAM

German Counter-Strike squad BIG is seeking replacements for Fatih "gob b" Dayik and Denis "denis" Howell according to a report published Saturday by Dexerto.

The report states both benched BIG CS:GO players, Owen "smooya" Butterfield and Johannes "nex" Maget, are being considered as replacements. No decisions have yet been made, and smooya himself is reluctant to return to the active lineup. Further, should nex return to the lineup, it would likely be a temporary solution.

Another possible replacement mentioned in the report is BIG academy player Michael "devraNN" Geutebrück.

Nikolaj Nyholm will resign as RFRSH Entertainment CEO to become CEO of the Astralis Group. RFRSH co-founder Jakob Lund Kristenson will also join the Astralis Group, as will current RFRSH director of sports Kasper Hvidt and vice president of communications and brand Steen Laursen.

Though gob b was originally set to step into a coaching role once his time as a player ran its course, the report states that development is now considered unlikely. Instead, Sprout coach Tobias "TowB" Herberhold may step in for Alexander "kakafu" Szymanczyk.

Gob b was a founding member of BIG, while denis joined in May 2019.