Rase’s Playoff Predictions

August 10,2019-Hearthstone TEAM

Lucas “Rase” Guerra narrowly missed out on playoff qualification this past weekend after an unfortunate disconnect cost him his final series of Season 1 against Ryan "Purple" Murphy-Root. This came on the heels of the first ever tie in Grandmasters, when the two players hit the turn timer in the first game of the set.

“After being 7-4, losing three in a row and missing playoffs was really frustrating for me, especially after the disconnect in my last series” Rase said. “I'm the kind of guy that never surrenders and always tries to fight until the end. But sometimes these things happen, so I must raise my head and move on. I would like to thank everyone that cheered and supported me.” Rase explained that even though he is sad for not making playoffs, he is also very proud of himself. “I know I've tried my best and will work hard to go even further next season,” he said.

We’ve asked Rase to give his playoff predictions for each region. He has happily obliged but has provided us with this caveat: “I'll be cheering and supporting Team Genji, but to make this much more interesting and not biased, I will not vote for them!”