Why Eddie Finally Switched Off Bomb Warrior

August 26,2019-Hearthstone TEAM

24-year-old Eddie "Eddie" Lui, formerly known as Seohyun628, was born in Canada but raised in Hong Kong. At the age of 18 he moved back to the land of maple syrup, and currently resides in Vancouver where he’s finishing up his university studies in Business Administration.

Eddie traveled all over the States last year, participating in every single Tour Stop in the Americas and two outside the country in Italy and South Korea. His biggest accomplishment from back then was winning DreamHack Atlanta with Toggwaggle Druid, Clone Priest, Deathrattle Hunter, and Odd Warrior.

One thing that makes Eddie stand out to viewers and opponents alike is that he’s the only player that brought Bomb Warrior to the first 4 weeks of Hearthstone Grandmasters. “I really like the flexibility of Bomb Warrior where you can play an aggressive style or a control style depending on how the hand was issued and the matchup,” said Eddie. “For Bomb Warrior, most of the cards are pretty core, I would say. You can switch maybe 5 or 10 cards in the primary deck. You want to try and adapt to the meta—sometimes a little adjustment can give you an edge.”

The deck has obviously yielded a fair bit of success for Eddie, who is currently tied for first place with Frank “Fr0zen” Zhang in Americas Division A. That said, he switched things up for Week 5 and brought OTK Paladin instead of Bomb Warrior, a move that paid off in spades.

“Even before Vegas, I knew I couldn't bring Warrior against Muzzy,” Eddie said. “I don’t know how he faired in Vegas with Mage, but I know he is very comfortable with playing it, so I believed he would go for it again and he did,” Eddie said. “I knew that OTK Paladin was one of the hard counters against Mage, because of how much time you're given in the matchup. My other opponent Strifecro, it was very hard to make a prediction for him because he's willing to take risks. I'm guessing they both had the idea that because I went Warrior for four weeks that I would bring it again. So, I believe that I capitalized on what I thought their thought process would be. OTK Paladin is not favored against Bomb Warrior, but I guessed correct that they would not try and play the Warrior mirror against me.”

So, what does it take to make it to the top of the standings in Grandmasters? “I look at what opponents I'm playing each week because I believe there are preferences for what players like to bring, myself included,” Eddie said. “A lot of people will look at other region's deck lists and kind of distinguish some of the best players, what they are playing, and why are they having success.”

For the last few weekends Eddie has practiced with Lucas "Rase" Guerra, Fei "ETC" Liang, and Jerome "Monsanto" Faucher. “I think Playoff-wise, I'm almost guaranteed I would say, but I'm definitely fighting for the top spot against Fr0zen,” Eddie said. “We're both currently 8-2 in the division but I won the head-to-head last time we played. We're playing this weekend, which I’m looking forward to. I think it will ultimately determine who gets first place, which will determine who gets a first-round bye in Playoffs, which is huge!”