August 15,2019-LOL TEAM

Splyce are on track to surpass expectations and their spring finish, so how far can they go?

Coming into the 2019 Season, Splyce entered the first LEC split with a revamped roster, re-building around veterans Kasper "Kobbe" Kobberup and Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir.

While the roster was mostly new, some aspects of the team hadn’t changed. Much like 2018 Summer, the new Splyce was a slow team and a solid playoff contender, but one that seemed to have hit its peak, unable to contest for a top spot. In Spring they ended their season in Round 2 of the playoffs, unable to make it past Fnatic to qualify for the Rotterdam Finals.

Summer seems to be a turning point for the team however and Splyce now find themselves in joint second place.


A big reason why Splyce are able to have a stable early game is due to Xerxe. The Romanian jungler has a unique style focused on controlling the map and neutralizing the enemy jungler’s presence by finding him and covering for his lanes.

Splyce aren't a very bloody team in the early stages but when they do get kills on the board it’s frequently through Xerxe, as he holds a 50 percent first blood rate, third in the league for junglers.

On matchups where he has the faster clearing jungler, Xerxe will try to leverage the priority in his lanes to play for enemy camps, timing their respawns and consistently taking them to gain a lead. In their match up against SK Gaming, where after splitting the map with an invade, Xerxe plans his route accordingly to be able to be at the enemy raptors as they respawn. Using Olaf’s superior clear speed, he opens up a level lead on his opponent.

Similarly, in Week 5 against Misfits, Xerxe used his bot and mid lane’s priority to take both scuttle crabs to get him ahead and limit the opposing jungler’s impact on the map.

In Week 3 against Rogue, the roles were reversed as Xerxe is playing Jarvan into Skarner. Skarner is definitely the faster clearer, but isn’t as strong as Jarvan at ganking pre 6. After a three camp route, Xerxe goes for an early gank and blows Woolite’s flash, after that he sticks around bot side to get the rift scuttler and pop the scryer’s bloom, which informs him that Krugs are down. With that information, Xerxe will ping the camp a few seconds before it respawns, warning his bot lane that the enemy jungler should be in the vicinity, which prompts the bot lane to ward up the tribush and back off.

As Splyce’s bot lane looks to keep up the pressure to get more turret platings, Xerxe moves into the bot side again to put down some vision to give them more safety and to spot Skarner once he eventually resets after clearing his top side.