August 20,2019-LOL TEAM

The Playoffs are nearly here – the next few weeks will be where European legends are made.

With playoffs on the horizon, the next few weeks of the LEC are crucial as both Fnatic vs G2 and Splyce vs Rogue will have huge implications for the season.

With just a few weeks of the regular season remaining, it’s crunch time for the 10 teams in the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) as the playoffs race enters its final laps.

With Europe’s performances at Worlds last year and G2’s triumph at MSI, the region’s teams have never been so confident in matching-up with international teams. And considering this year’s Worlds final will take place in Paris, the stakes of the Summer Split Playoffs have never been higher.

Week 7 of the LEC Summer Split has two important match-ups which are exciting for different reasons. There’s G2 vs Fnatic, a battle between the two most successful organisations in European history, and then there’s Splyce vs Rogue who are fighting for recognition and to create their own legacies. Splyce are looking to challenge for the LEC title and return to Worlds while Rogue are aiming to qualify for the Playoffs for the first time and prove they belong.


Once again, G2 are dominating the LEC and are winning games on their terms. In the team’s last outing, SK Gaming, who were already struggling, looked completely lost when trying to deal with the insane comp G2 had created. If the combo of Rakan and Yasuo in the bot lane wasn’t hard enough to handle, SK also had to try and find the answers to Martin “Wunder” Hansen’s Annie top and Rasmus “Caps” Winther’s Tristana mid. Sensationally, as revealed by the most recent Mic Check, the latter was a suggestion taken from a fan’s sign in the crowd that the team decided to roll with in the moment. G2’s ability to adapt and effectively execute unorthodox picks on the fly is extraordinary. You have to wonder how fearsome this team will be when they actually take games seriously.

Similarly, in Week 5 against Misfits, Xerxe used his bot and mid lane’s priority to take both scuttle crabs to get him ahead and limit the opposing jungler’s impact on the map.

In Week 3 against Rogue, the roles were reversed as Xerxe is playing Jarvan into Skarner. Skarner is definitely the faster clearer, but isn’t as strong as Jarvan at ganking pre 6. After a three camp route, Xerxe goes for an early gank and blows Woolite’s flash, after that he sticks around bot side to get the rift scuttler and pop the scryer’s bloom, which informs him that Krugs are down. With that information, Xerxe will ping the camp a few seconds before it respawns, warning his bot lane that the enemy jungler should be in the vicinity, which prompts the bot lane to ward up the tribush and back off.

Perhaps we’ll see G2 at their frightening best this week as the game against Fnatic is arguably their most important match of the regular season. G2 have decimated their opposition in the last few weeks and are riding the high of a seven-game win streak. The MSI champions have only lost one game so far game this split and that was at the hands of Fnatic.

That loss was earlier in the split when Fnatic themselves were looking unstoppable. Jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen was in immense form and had a phenomenal performance in the early game vs G2, repeatedly shutting down Caps while getting Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau snowballing.

Hylissang is still picking the same playmaking supports every week as he has become a crucial cog in the Fnatic machine. But perhaps that’s Fnatic’s problem, the team are too robotic – in a way they are the opposites to G2.