Overwatch: Anniversary 2019 guide

July 20,2019-Overwatch TEAM

Our Overwatch: Anniversary guide contains start and end times, details of the new maps, skins, voice lines and dance emotes coming with the next update.

For this year's Overwatch Anniversary event, Blizzard is bringing back all of last year's Anniversary exclsuive skins, so those who missed out last year can try their hand at nabbing those sought after skins once again. In addition, some fan favourite Brawls will be making a return and some new skins will also feature too.

We've put together an Anniversary guide below that'll take you through all the latest information on when it'll start and finish, as well as all the cosmetic stuff that's been teased. We'll be expanding on all of these sections as and when new information is released - stay tuned!

The doubts were squashed when he started playing more Overwatch on stream for training, and of course playing for a lot of the Team Canada tryouts. And it became official — he was coming back.

Overwatch: Anniversary start and end dates

The Overwatch: Anniversary event will begin on Tuesday 21st May 2019 and while there’s currently no confirmed end date, we reckon it’ll come to a close on the 10th June 2018 seeing as last year's event ran on for roughly the same amount of time.

For an idea of when it's likely to go live in your corner of the world, take a look at our page dedicated to the Overwatch Anniversary start time - we've got a number of regions covered.